Why us

The Strength at Our end

We at Dimco Apparel, strive to make our customers delighted every time they deal with us. Our biggest strength is our Best Quality Product at Honest Prices! Besides, the below key indicators makes us the first choice of our revered clients:

Extensive Product Line:

We have an extensive product line that covers something for everyone in the segment. We have various products custom made in each segment categorized in Men’s, Women, Youth & Infant. Our extensive product line covers more than 40 different products in 14 colors for 6 sizes. Besides, the House Designs, we do several Custom Works for our clients for their various special projects time to time. Our Extensive Product Line brings more opportunity for our accounts to offer in their market and have an edge among their competitors.

Research & Development:

We have a strong management & key talent in our Organization that we are able to penetrate in the market. We spend so many executive hours in doing research & travelling around the Globe to live up to date with the most recent fashion & going trend. Primarily that is the reason whenever we launch any new product, it creates a fire in the market with its demand & our accounts are taken by surprise to witness their sale numbers & more demand for our Product Line.

Honest Pricing:

We are known in the industry for the lowest prices that we offer on our products. We can proudly say that we offer lowest prices in our market for all the various products that we sell according to our products specs. We aim in deriving the economies of Large Scale production & working efficiently on low overheads & margins, thus keeping our prices low and passing the benefits to our end customers, this is another reason that makes us the first choice of vendors among our clients.

Quality Control:

We have set strict high standards for Quality Control, both in our warehouse as well as our main factory in overseas. We have a special three way process of handling the errors and omissions. Each order is checked three times after the production till it finally gets packed and shipped to the customer. With this maker & checker concept we have managed to control over the errors arising in our orders. We can proudly say that we have zero tolerance in our Organization with regards to the poor quality. We regularly to Quality Audits by 3rd Party in our Overseas Factory to make sure proper standards are met on day to day & every single day.

We aim to be the first choice of our Vendors. Everything we do at Dimco Apparel is guided by our core vision, mission and values relating to integrity, excellence, individuality, diversity, and inclusiveness.